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We Met Once in the Garden

A selection of photos taken over the weekend at the Fairchild and Morikami Gardens.

• May 16, 2010 • Comments Off on We Met Once in the Garden

Puddle Jumper Showcase

Renders of the Puddle Jumper and Drone models.


– Deployment and retraction of the Jumper’s drone bays and engine pods




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• December 31, 2007 • Comments Off on Puddle Jumper Showcase

Doctor Who Gallery

• September 7, 2007 • Comments Off on Doctor Who Gallery

Star Wars Gallery

• February 27, 2007 • Comments Off on Star Wars Gallery

Battlestar Galactica Gallery

• February 14, 2007 • Comments Off on Battlestar Galactica Gallery

Halo Gallery

• July 1, 2006 • Comments Off on Halo Gallery

Stargate 2 Model Showcase

An assortment of renders of my second Stargate model.

Information on reference material.



An offworld activation on an Atlantis-style gate

The beginning of the dialing sequence on an Atlantis-style gate

Chevron One locks into place on an SG-1 gate

An example of the dynamic lighting included with the puddle effect



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Serenity Gallery

• October 10, 2005 • Comments Off on Serenity Gallery

Stargate Gallery

• September 5, 2004 • Comments Off on Stargate Gallery

Astronomical Gallery

• November 2, 2003 • Comments Off on Astronomical Gallery