Caprica 1×03 “Reins of a Waterfall”

Now, that’s a title! I wonder if that comes from something. Not too much to say about tonight’s I don’t think, which is good, because I can’t keep up this pace for a hundred hours. Also, I’ll run out of amusing quotes and song lyrics to use as section breaks.


Early in the episode, Sam and Joe ambush Daniel to beat the crap out of him. To be fair, Daniel said Joe was more than welcome to beat the crap out of him if he didn’t deliver on his promise to bring back Tammy, so everything’s still square. And Joe’s started wearing a nice big double-breasted gangster suit. This helps foreshadow the fact that he’s flipping the fuck out, culminating in ordering his first hit just for the hell of it at the end of the episode. Yay, stress.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Amanda are being only slightly more healthy, what with her quitting her job, and the both of them arguing and later nailing in front of the robot, which starts freaking out when they’re screaming about Zoe, and studiously avoids looking once they begin getting it on. Like I said, a weird situation.

There’s a funny deleted scene with Serge and Zoe working on getting the Holoband to work with the u-87, beginning with her trying to just put it on, and it not fitting over the cylon’s head. I wonder how far this subplot went before they realized it wasn’t ending up in the final cuts. Maybe it’ll go all the way to midseason, like Boxey did. Will. Whatever.

I remember a lot of grief on-line about how the police station was using video cassettes with magnetic tape to store interrogation recordings, but I don’t recall anything about the far more blatantly illogical touch of the GDD office having a black and white TV. A black and white, flatscreen, high-definition TV. Did color come to the Colonies after digital?

By and large, the most interesting things in this episode were the sheer number of things that were introduced that come back later. Zoe’s return to V-World, the secret STO director of GDD, Clarice’s STO handler and secret GDD mole (in retrospect, that should’ve been a bit of a giveaway), Baxtar Sarno (the man who acts like Jay Leno and is described as Jon Stewart), the future Mrs. Evelyn Adama (I wonder if this was all just because they realized it was easier, long run, to fix the continuity problems this way rather than rewrite “Pilot”’s script to fix all the dating mismatches), Duck the Tauron gangster and Kat the PR rep.

There are also a couple of plot things set up. Daniel takes a hard line on hanging Zoe’s legacy out to dry on interplanetary TV, but that’s not going to last. I’ll probably talk more about the effect caving had on him in the next episode, once he actually does it. He also  exhibits what I hadn’t realized was a catchphrase, referring to folks who piss him off as “these lovely people.”