General Reel – June 2011

Reel Breakdown:
“Squeaky Business” (April 2011) Group short: Camera layout, Cityscape environment in Autodesk Maya, high-res exterior brick texture in Adobe Photoshop. Composited in Autodesk Composite. “Squeaky Business” © University of Central Florida

“Compositing and Motion-Tracking Exercise” (Nov 2009) Student Project: Camera tracking, chromakeying and matte cleanup, compositing in Apple Shake

“Puddle Jumper” (Aug 2007) Personal Project: Modeling and texturing in Newtek Lightwave and Adobe Photoshop. Commentary  Model Gallery  Puddle Jumper design and Stargate Atlantis © MGM

“Tulip Chair” (Sep 2009) Student Project: Modeled in Newtek Lightwave, UV mapped in Autodesk Maya.

“Run Cycle” (Oct 2010) Student Project: Animation in Autodesk Maya

“Battlestar Firing” (Feb 2011) Personal Project: Lighting, animation, camera, effects in Newtek Lightwave. Composited in Adobe After Effects. Battlestar model by “tan.j”  Commentary  Battlestar Galactica © NBC Universal

Music: “Under the Wing” by Bear McCreary

~ by David Gian-Cursio on June 2, 2011.