100 Days of Greebles— Day 1

It may seem quick, but I found out about three quarters of the way through 100 Days, 100 Renders that this was actually a semi-organized thing with a defined time and everything. Last time, part of the point was to give me something to do while I was job hunting, and when I actually found a job, it became a bit much to juggle. This time, I’m going big in the other direction, modeling one nurnie, greeble, piece of gak, or set-dressing every day. The idea is to build a library of pieces I can use in the future. Some of them may be random bits of interesting stuff, some might be something specific intended for a future project. No rules, just the general guiding principle that I might use these more than once, and that they shouldn’t take up more than a few minutes of modeling.

First off, something I need quite specifically; a set of dishware.