Look! Pictures! Here, right here! Click this to get them! Now!

That’s right, folks. I’m now tapping the stream of pictures going directly from layout to my fancy-shmancy cycling desktop (randomly changing to a different rendering by yours truly every thirty minutes) and diverting them to the internet, for all to see. And this time, I’m putting credits on the image rather than making a big list at the end of the post, just because. So there.

First off is a picture of the Alexander being ambushed by the Clarkstown at the beginning of “Severed Dreams”. Notice the Orion nebula in the background. Since the Alexander was supposed to have just left Orion 7, well, why the hell not?

This picure, consisting of a bunch of Centauri ships flying over the royal palace in that Season 5 episode, is named for a blooper shot. Londo looks up at the ships and says that he “Doesn’t like the look of this at all.” G’Kar dismisses it as being because of “That damned ‘El Ni–o'”.

Two Omegas Firing. Mainly done to see if the lensflare pulse blast I set up would look good in a still.

Here we have a scene from “No Surrender, No Retreat.” With all necessary apologies to Kier Darby, naturally.

White Stars in Hyperspace. I think it was a lighting test, at first.

A picture of Susan and Marcus’s search for First Ones in Season 4. Mostly because I really, really like that First Ones ship with the spinning unattached bits.

A shot of an Omega launching a shuttle. Textbook example of serendipity. I loaded the Omega in to my B5 space setup scene, and when I punched out my first test render, I had forgotten to alter the lighting, and found that having most of the light come from the planet and having the sun off somewhere else actually looked pretty good. It may be dark on some monitors, though.

Why did I do this? Because it was there. What was there, you ask? 561 Vorlon cruisers, about three dozen Vorlon fighters, and one Vorlon Planet-killer. While the swarm effect is very good, the rendering time of 31 hours, 9 minutes, and 1 second is enough to sate my huge-ass fleet appetite. For now, at least.

~ by David Gian-Cursio on February 28, 2004.