So, you surrendered to the Intersteller Alliance in the hopes of finding mercy…

And mercy is exactly what you’re getting.

The Mercy-class hospital ship, to be precise. First (and, as far I as I know, only) seen on this webpage, the design struck a cord with me, and I modified Matthew Tarling’s Omega-class destroyer into something rather similar to it (I took a few liberties with the design, mostly getting rid of the double-sized rotating section, because I think it looks silly. I mean, what the hell, it’s non-canon anyway). Also, to go with it, I retextured Mark Kane’s atmospheric shuttle into a medevac version. I might do the same thing to the standard shuttle, as well.

Anyway, on to the pic itself.

After a surprise attack on the Zagros VII ranger base by the Drakh, the Mercy-class hospital ship E.A.S. Nightingale is called in to help the wounded. On the off chance that any Drakh might be hanging around that might think an unarmed hospital ship is easy pickings, a trio of White Stars hooked up with the Nightingale as an escort.

EDIT: I updated the model of the Nightingale, and replaced the rendering with one containing the new version. Also, I made a sequel picture of the the E.A.S. Nightingale leaving Zagros.