100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 11

Eye_to_Eye_Klingon_creditsThis was an older scene that I wasn’t quite happy with on my first attempt. I replaced the Enterprise with my modified version, and altered the lighting. I added in some clouds from an old sky photo give the background some nebular depth. I designed it with the idea of a companion piece from the opposite angle in mind, so the idea is that there’s a blue nebula behind the Enterprise and a red one behind the Klingon ship. It might just make the lighting look incongruous, though.

I also had to run off another pass of stars to get them to show up (I really miss rendering in passes), and did some minor touch-up work in Photoshop in addition to my usual grain-and-bloom to patch over a rendering error on one of the Enterprise’s hull markings.

~ by David Gian-Cursio on August 18, 2016.