100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 63


I spent most of yesterday fiddling with Yuri Parovin’s A-Call-to-Arms-style jumppoint. While Lightwave makes most of the conversion for working in linear color fairly brainless, surfaces that are driven in greyscale any don’t need to be gamma-corrected don’t react well. This is simple enough to fix for image maps, but it’s more complicated with procedural textures, and the result that the model came out looking funny. I also wanted to adjust the timing of the animation effects. I ended up with something that looked good in a still, but didn’t animate well. I’ll keep working on it today, I think I’m most of the way there.

Still, it ended up being very late, and I had nothing ready for today, so I cast about for an idea, and came up with a stock Babylon 5 shot of a Minbari Flyer approaching the Gray Council’s cruiser. I’d already prepared a version of the ship when I added the rib lights to Rhys Salcombe’s model (it’s the green running lights that distinguish it), so it was quick one to put together.

~ by David Gian-Cursio on October 9, 2016.