100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 62



More adventures in bokeh today. All post-processed (who has the time to produce 3D-rendered depth of field on the daily? Though I am curious about how it might turn out for backgrounds and not just fun effects on small objects). In this case, I rendered each object seperately, and then applied different amounts of blur to each layer in Photoshop. It’s pretty effective, though probably not physically accurate, considering I eyeballed how out-of-focus each object should be.

I originally thought of setting the Daleks into my model-exhibiting cove, since the background would be out-of-focus anyway, but then I realized the Babylon 5 docking bay would be much more visually interesting, and barely recognizable as being from the wrong show considering the angle and the degree of blur on it. That was the right choice.

Edited 2016-10-09: I realized after posting this that I forgot to take anamorphic distortion into account when I blurred this image. I’ve replaced the top of the page with a corrected version. Here’s the first version.