100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 27


This was another glorified test-shot. Converting models built in other programs into the one I use is something I haven’t had to do much since I started using Lightwave, so it was interesting to flex that muscle again. I’m note sure what to do about all the rendering errors on the saucer. I think they might be because Lightwave’s FBX importer, so I may try to redo it in another format as a base. The modeler, Alexander “Nightfever” Klemm, is very conscientious about making his models available in universal formats, which I appreciate. Still, its current condition is serviceable for my 50th anniversary idea, so I’ll move on to working on the other ships I need to have ready to go.

Aside from the glitches, “Generic Enterprise-E Render” turned out fairly well. It does appear that I need a wider library of high-resolution fictional planets, though. Something to keep in mind if I’m bored in the future. I also applied the out-of-focus lens-dirt technique I developed a few days ago, partially hoping I could use it to cover up some of the rendering problems, though when that didn’t work out, I dialed it down it was much more subtle. I also tried out the idea I suggested in that prior post, having several layers of dirt responding to different amounts of blur, though wouldn’t really be visible in a still.