100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 26


It occurred to me yesterday that we’re now about a week away from Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, so I should probably do something Star Trekky and special for my September 8th picture. I’ve got an idea, but I’ll need a fairly large amount Star Trek ship models that I haven’t used before (or, in a while). I think they’re all available in the hobbyist 3D community, though I might need to put some elbow-grease into getting them to work with Lightwave. So, expect a bit of a Star Trek focus of the next few days, as I convert, test, and generally get to know some of these models.

This one is based on a late-series Voyager episode, where the ship encounters the most surprising thing you could find in the Delta Quadrant: A hundred-year-old Klingon battlecruiser. Dialogue from the episode calls the ship a “D7,” the Original Series version of the ship, but for production reasons, it was represented by a model of the more detailed version created for the movies. I used a D7 model, though. I also recolored the model from a modern Klingon green to the TOS-style blue-gray in Photoshop. The angle is also intentionally similar to one of the popular stock-shots of TOS.

~ by David Gian-Cursio on September 2, 2016.