100 Days, 100 Renders— Day 32


Happy Birthday, Star Trek!

This was my big idea. Admittedly, it’s not terribly clever (it’s basically the cover to every edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia), but it’s mine. One touch I did include arranging the ships and light-trails in the shape of the Starfleet delta. The background is a photo of the Orion Nebula from the Hubble Telescope. The flash at the left edge of the frame is ripped directly from the opening credits of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I may revisit it later on. A couple of the models are a bit low-res or were quicky conversions that need more TLC, and I would’ve liked to be able include the new Enterprise-A, since it is from a 2016 production (sorry, U.S.S. Discovery, you’ll have to wait for my 100th anniversary picture, you big pizza slice, you). Giving the Kelvin-Timeline Enterprise a match would’ve also opened up more options for how to arrange the ships in a sensible order.

As a bonus, it looks like I finally cracked the Star Trek fill-light problem: Use ridiculous amounts of fill-light.