Stargate 2020 Effects (Film Version)

The Stargate VFX from the original film, my recreation, and a side-by-side comparison

“Stargate 3.0 Effects (Film Version)” for Lightwave 2020, Released December 25, 2021 (CC0) —142 MB

After a year and a half, I’m running out of steam on the Stargate project for now, so I pushed myself to finish up the part I was currently working on, the version of the “kawoosh,” “strudel,” and “puddle” effects as seen in the movie.

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Stargate Command Plaque

“SGC Logo Plaque” for Lightwave 2020 (FBX & OBJ Included), Released March 15, 2021 (CC0)—279 KB

As a quick little side-project, the other night I built the SGC Plaque. Joseph Mallozzi, who was a writer and producer on the TV shows, has been posting high-res behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, and documents since the shows were still on the air, and recently posted a construction diagram of the plaque, which made it pretty easy to model in only an hour or two, most of which was spent squinting at the measurements and comparing with some photos of the finished plaque to see how things changed between the drawing and the actual piece.

There was also a 3D rendered version used on the show as a screensaver and decorative element on computer displays which was colored differently, so I made both versions. I didn’t sweat getting the textures exactly right (and there were some shape differences with the digital version I didn’t bother changing), just going for the spirt instead of a perfect duplicate. The gaudy ’90s texturing is pretty rough, and now we’ve entered a glorious era where flat color in CGI actually look okay.

The physical and digital versions of the plaque on the show

Stargate Reference Information

March 14, 2021: This information is drastically out of date. I’m leaving the page up for historical reasons, but if you want far more accurate information about the design of the stargate setpiece, I recommend looking at the blog and Facebook page of The Children of Mac Gyver, or EMG, a fan-group which has used pieces of the original set-pieces and exhaustive research to construct their own stargate. You may also examine the model and renders of my newer model of the film, SG-1, and Atlantis versions of the Stargate

If you’re making you’re own Stargate and are using mine as reference, here are some larger, detailed renders, as well as information on certain details of note that aren’t entirely visible in the showcase renders.